The positive media in Varna sense of good

For a couple of months people of Varna have a new
acquisition the first free newspaper in Varna, delivered to the post boxes in the city in a large circulation. This is not the next advertising pamphlet, not even a hypnotic tsunami-wave, coming from the media with great number of negative and unpleasant news. On the contrary the main idea of Dialog newspaper is to bring warmth and optimism, a sense for an orientation and direction in our confused world, to prove that life is a challenge and that it has to be lived in the best way. Our desire is to find the good news in the everyday life and to share it with all of you. Especially what concerns directly the people of Varna, because they have the privilege to live in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, a city that is changing in front of our eyes and where the amusing opportunities within the range of the changing world are standing. Especially now, when people of Bulgaria are celebrating the holiday of the literacy and culture, it is of great importance Bulgarian spirit find a point of support to manifest, in order to bring a ray of hope in our consciousness. Your letters to the editor's office express the pain, gathered in the souls, for the social contracts and undeserved offense. They are a sign of mature and sensible thinking for life as it shouldn't be. With its ideological strategy Dialog newspaper represents itself before the readers as the positive newspaper in Varna. It aims to inspire some hope and optimism to people, accepted their present living as a fact, to show that except for corruption, robberies and murders life has its bright side, and this is the reason to live. It is worth living because of our children, for people that are expecting our help and for that Thank you, said by a stranger. It is brave to say that Varna is the most beautiful and sunny city in Bulgaria and especially for that reason we its residents need a media, that is not driven only from commercial goals, but a media, giving positive and useful information to all people of Varna. Because our newspaper bear the name Dialog we hope to receive your opinions, wishes and comments thus we can have a common media forum, that will be of use for everybody. The truth is hidden in the reasonable communication.

(authors: Svetlozar Nikolov, Toncho Tonchev, Filip Filipov)